Monday, 27 June 2011

Title for show - Flickering Visions

As part of my search for a title for my exhibition I have come across an interesting article on the internet which explores the connection between Cronenberg and J.G.Ballard re: their common interest in 'the interactions between landscape, technical systems and the body. Interesting reading.

One sentence really struck a chord:
 'the replacement of a reliable world of durable objects by a world of flickering images that make it harder and harder to distinguish reality from fantasy' (Christopher Lasch The Culture of Narcissism)

Quite appropriate I thought.

 Thus the title for the exhibition is   'Flickering Visions'

My latest works collage images taken from old paintings, photos and media; anchoring fiction with layers of reality.  Apocolyptic, dreamscapes that are colonized by the architectural fabrications of a futuristic world, they reference the search and subsequent failure by architects such as Buckminster Fuller for a new way of living, a utopian ideal, in response to the pressures on contemporary living from the effects of climate change, exploding population and shortage of planet resources.


  1. Buckmeister Fuller, le Courbuise etc ever notice how there vision of utopia resembles Brave New World full of order and zones and no place for the likes of me and you. I have met one Roland Lipp sold him my '31 Chevy about 3 yrs ago google him, he has been working in Russia, you want his city designs, he does all-sorts of other stuff as well, he from Brandenburg, the Lasch quote is a neat one it could also be a metaphor for 'common knowledge'.

  2. have you ever thought about using what I believe is known as socialist(sic)realism images or parts there of from soviet Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam etc they are stunning but wholly false, as an aside in Havanna I saw a white dove painted on a wall carrying a sub-machine gun with the slogan 'Peace or Death' underneath! but thats getting away from your work

  3. Thanks for the references, sounds interesting

  4. always known for my good references, helped many a person whom I have never worked with!