Sunday, 26 June 2011

and so it continues

September is the deadline, 10th to 23rd to be precise. A solo show at morvah schoolhouse. Writing 'to do' lists and planning publicity, which is probably the most important thing, apart from the actual work that is, as what is the point of doing this unless it is to get my work out there and to be seen.

Need to come up with a title for the show. 'Playing in the ruins' is a real possibility, and hey with this blog already set up it would be easy to keep a log of whats going on with regards to the exhibition as and when they happen. Definitely worth thinking about.

Starting work on a series of new paintings, the studies look really promising, its wether or not and can carry this promise through to the final painting that will be the test. Watch this space!


  1. for my pennyworth i think it is a fantastic title, like the kaylers of an onion,the more you mull over it the deeper its meaning, it's so good you most probably have forgotten that you got it from me and are under the illusion that you thought it up! whilst on the onion theme have you seen those 'onion' diagrams that are supposed to represent stakeholders...stakes I guess, more twaddle

  2. Of course, I only appropriate the best!