Monday, 28 February 2011

small works for - The darkness falls at our feet

 These are some of the works, of which there are a total of 13, that I have used for an installation that I have submitted for the Creekside Open. It has been more difficult that i thought to combine different images that create a dialogue without being overly obvious. I am still unsure wether or not I have acheived this.

The work is a comment on our
own mortality, feelings of loss and
memories of that which has gone
before us.

Our unfullfilled dreams and broken promises, our lives in the ruins
of our existence and our search for 'something more'.

What was the world we thought we could have?
What was it we hoped for?

Man has constructed these conrete monuments, form flawed idealised visions, designed to transport us into a utopian future. These same urban structures have now become our prisions, at odds and having a catastrophioc effect on both nature and we who live in them.
Hidden deep within us all is the strength to find our way out of this false
beauty and reconnect with the essence of our being.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

A 'real artist'.

I have started new job, and although it is part-time, the hours are flexible and all over the place, so it will take a bit of getting used to in order to get the right balance. The good thing is that it seems to be mainly nights so hopefully I can spend most of the days in the studio.
I have got a full week this week and will have to really push things in order to get work ready for the Creekside submission. I aim to use the small painting studies and put them together as a whole for one piece of work and sort out two others. I have plenty of images that I have been working on and can take forward onto paintings but it's wether or not I have time before the deadline of the 28th. Yes I know I have left everything to the last minute but I have been working on some drypoint prints for possible inclusion into the NSA Print exhibiton at the Exchange gallery. It has taken me the best part of three days to achieve two prints that I consider of good enough quality to put forward.

This week someone descibed me as a ‘real artist’ which provoked the following reflections. What is the definition of a real artist I wonder? Anyone who has an answer please feel free to reply to this.

I think that a successful artist is one who when they exhibit their work, a lot of people ‘get it’ (whatever it is) without having to resort to reading the info. True, I use a title as way of giving a lead into the work but to be informed is not the same as to fully engage with the art; that only comes from emotional involvement through individual memories and experiences.
With regards to how people view my art work, I don't think you can dictate what each individual will see or understand about my work, what has meaning and depth for one person can also leave another cold. I make my work with integrity, so that it is true for me, that is what is important. What other people take away from it is up to them but I suppose I would like to generate some sort of response from the viewer, whatever that may be, rather than none what so ever.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

concentration of ideas

I have been working on a series or collection of small painting studies, examples of which I will post soon. As with the list of 'significant words', these are single visual images, taken directly from photos, which I think articulate one or more aspects of the concepts that my practice is concerned with. What I am trying to do is pinpoint and concentrate my thoughts in order to communicate my ideas more clearly. By thinking carefully about my initial source material and discarding any image that doesn't have a strong dialogue for me early on in my creative process I hope to acheive this.

I am using some of these small works to create one art work/installation and have started experimenting with which painting works with others to create the best dialogue. To this end I have brought into play images that I think are quite romantic, ie:  a bird, flower and bee as a contrast to the images of urban landscapes. I want to continue in this vein and source material that is linked but not too obviously to one another, so that the viewer has to work a little harder to think about the conection.